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Not all freeze drying is the same. By far.
Conventional freeze drying

Common freeze drying has been used for preserving food products for millenniums as a naturally occurring phenomenon and NASA space program has successfully utilized the technology in space program since the 1960's. It's a great way to extend the shelf life of perishable food up to decades without any additives.

The principle is very simple. In a sufficiently strong vacuum (low pressure) water doesn't exist in liquid form. It sublimates from solid ice to gas, water vapor. That's the theory.

It still has drawbacks: it uses high end temperatures. Heat damages flavor, nutrients, appearance and structure, and makes any heat-sensitive food downright nasty. This has reduced its true usefulness to emergency food rations and low quality snack products. It most definitely has no gourmet value whatsoever. Rehydratability is limited, heat damaged food will never be fresh again.

Even though the pressure inside freeze drying chamber is known, the vapor pressure inside the cells is not. Cell wall permeability varies and more often than not the pressure rises inside the cells causing melting, vaporization and inevitable capillary damage to the product.

The Dry Revolution

NatureDry© is a combination of scientific laboratory freeze drying methods, cutting edge technology and innovations that make it possible to freeze dry virtually any food products including berries, fruit, vegetables, meat and fish without exposing them to high temperatures or excessive intracellular vapor pressure at any stage of the drying process. It also highly efficient, minimizing the energy consumption and CO2-footprint, and residual heat energy can also be recycled to central heating of buildings or water.

Not only have we invented a method to sublimate ice efficiently in temperatures as low as 30°C/86°F, we have also developed algorithms to accurately predict the vapor pressure inside the cells throughout the drying process.

Illustrated by the triple point chart, NatureDry© works between points A and C. It's genuine freeze drying throughout. What's commonly known as conventional freeze drying wanders unintentionally between points C and D, into vacuum drying with all its drawbacks.

The combination sets NatureDry© apart from everything else. It's a result of 20.000+ hours of research, development, trial and error. Experiments and failures. And repeatable successes, from meticulous analyses of patterns. NatureDry© can also improve pharmaceutical and scientific freeze drying applications. NatureDry© is sensitive enough to keep even enzymes alive.

The benefits?

The result is authentic flavor and nutrients of your favorite fresh food, preserved with absolutely no additives and with a sustainable, efficient method. It turns fresh food into healthy instant snacks or if you prefer, placing them in water turns them back to fresh. Just the way they were before they were NatureDried.

All this applies to fresh raw food and cooking equally well. Fresh salad is just as fresh and crispy as it originally was, dry meat can be rehydrated and cooked into a juicy rare steak and gravlax is still gravlax, with no heat-induced discoloration.

Independent study by Aalto University has confirmed the NatureDry© retains an average of over 97% of nutrients. NatureDry© qualifies as raw food, even the seeds inside the berries actually seed and grow into full plants after they've been NatureDried and rehydrated.

This is what we mean when we say NatureDry© can stop the time.

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