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What can NatureDry© technology do for you?

NatureDry© is available for commercial and scientific applications

  • Much higher end product quality than with any other freeze drying method
  • High efficiency, high volume, scalable and environmentally friendly
  • Simplifies logistics, enables room temperature shipping and mail order sales of products
  • Can add up to 400-700% to retail value of your existing food products
  • Enables creation of all new food, snack and gourmet products, with fresh flavour
Considering freeze drying manufacturing?
Our core expertise is in planning freeze drying operations from the ground up. From harvesting the raw material, freezing methods, handling and storage of fresh frozen product all the way to drying process and packaging. NatureDry© provides a comprehensive solution, perfecting all aspects of your operation for rapid commercialization of any product.
We can also NatureDry© your products in our own proof of concept production facility.
Already running a freeze drying operation?
Most existing freeze drying operations can be upgraded to NatureDry© technology. We can evaluate and assess the operations, find its weaknesses and prepare a cost-effective modernization plan, with minimal downtime.
Completely new business ideas?
NatureDry© can handle raw materials that are difficult, expensive or even impossible to freeze dry with any other technology. We have proprietary baseline research and development data for hundreds of products, already scaled up for commercial mass production.
NatureDry© is available for commercial applications on a license basis. The license ensures that the customer's facility has the latest freeze drying technology at its disposal at all times. Our ongoing R&D futureproofs your operation, all technological advances and program upgrades are implemented in it on a regular basis.
Equipment and machines
Nature Lyotech Oy is a representative of Parker Freeze Dry, Inc. 220V (400V) production dryers for European market. The capacity of PFD machines range from 1000lb (453kg) to 3000lb (1360kg) with customization possibilities to your needs. Please refer to PFD web page for details.
COMING SOON: NatureDry© Automation
We have designed automation algorithms based on NatureDry© technology, using predictive artificial intelligence in process control. They are capable of controlling the freeze drying process to accuracy of 0.2°C (0.2K/0.1°F) and 0.00001bar (10 micron) every second during the entire drying cycle.
Alpha tests have been conducted during Q3/2017, beta tests are scheduled for Q1-Q2/2018 and end-user deliveries are expected to start by Q3/2018 in Parker Freeze Dry PFD-series dryers.
Contact us for finding a perfect NatureDry© solution for your freeze drying needs.

What raw materials can NatureDry© handle?
While there are no limitations, NatureDry© is tailored to freeze dry cell-based substances retaining all qualities of a fresh product. This includes but is not limited to edible and consumable plants (vegetables, fruit, berries, herbs, flowers, algae), meats (beef, pork, game, poultry) and fish, including all variations like fish roe. We have successfully applied NatureDry© to other substances as well.
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