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Not all freeze drying is the same. By far.

2017-10-13 Web page updated

2017-09-26 Nature Lyotech Oy has signed a contract with Rogue Valley Group, LLC for freeze drying facility programming in Oregon, USA, using NatureDry technology

2017-09-22 NatureDry AI automation phase 1 algorithms are now finalized in co-operation with Parker Freeze Dry, Inc.

2017-09-18 Excursion to Finnish Lapland underway to research locations for high-capacity production facility

2017-09-14 New improved program for Sea Buckthorn berries scaled up for production

2017-08-20 Preliminary "100%" programs for season 2017 crop and wild products are available

2017-07-18 Nature Lyotech Oy has been chosen as technology and process development partner for Parker Freeze Dry, Inc. of Wisconsin, USA

2017-06-30 Caviar and whitefish roe development program has been started

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Nature Lyotech proprietary freeze drying technology. We can stop the time.

  • Developed from technology used in scientific freeze drying.
  • No heat damage, no capillary liquification, preserves ingredients as they are.
  • Capable of retaining nutrients, flavor, aroma and appearance perfectly.
  • All natural, additive-free, extreme shelf life in room temperature.
  • Rehydratable back to fresh anytime.
  • Energy efficient, fast, fully scalable and applicable to any cell-based substance.
  • Platform independent, optimized for Parker Freeze Dry Inc. dryers.
  • The New Gold Standard of freeze drying.
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